New York City Executive Chef Camille Rodriguez brings her relaxed, convivial style with her whether you are gathering online or in person. An easy-going and approachable culinary professional who will help you build confidence in the kitchen, create market-driven restaurant-style dishes at home, and bring you and your loved ones together to make and share a lovely meal. Chef Camille’s passion for local farms, high quality ingredients, artisan producers and the stories behind them are the driving force behind Chef to Market.

Chef Camille Rodriguez

For founder Camille Rodriguez, cooking runs in the family. Chef Camille first sharpened her skills in the kitchen while spending time with her parents learning family recipes, watching Julia Child and walking through her family’s farm with her grandfather, a pastry cook on cargo ships.

After graduating university, Camille attended the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City where she focused primarily on French and Italian cuisine. Upon receiving her culinary degree from I.C.E., she continued to hone her skills in New York City, getting her first job at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill where she was a line cook and then as sous chef at Jimmy Bradley’s The Harrison and later The Red Cat.

In 2015 Camille became the Executive Chef at Monument Lane in NYC’s West Village. The following year, she joined Sirenetta on the Upper West Side as the opening Executive Chef and led that kitchen for the next four years.

When Covid-19 caused NYC restaurants to shutter in March 2020, Chef Camille, like most industry professionals found herself at a crossroads. She quickly decided to offer her long list of regular patrons her seasonal, market driven menus, through a weekly supper club, curated dining, and her online classes, all the while keeping her loyal kitchen team employed.

Camille’s passion for market driven, fresh, high quality ingredients started with those walks through her family farm and continued with her experience living and cooking in Italy. When Camille is not in the kitchen, she spends her time exploring markets, both near and far, seeking out artisanal products and learning the stories of the people and the traditions behind these specialty items.